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As we all know that Android is just a upgraded Linux kernel + bionic + Dalvik + a subset of Apache Harmony + Framework. Also, all of its components are open-source and can be freely used in other implementations. Dalvik is developed by Google itself, but the ideas and techniques in it (e.g. concurrent GC, JIT) have been implemented by other systems as well.
However, we all aware that there is hardly any another mobile OS (except iOS) that has been such successful level of Android, which we saw and ligheting speed improvements over the last couple of years.These are some of the key advantage of Android over its making a huge successes which are:
It is largely supported by Google
It is open and free.
It is pretty much runs on everything mobile, and otherwise
It is the current market leader
It is designed beautifully (due to Google Material Design)
These are the some of the reasons which excite us as developer to be up to dated with Android Technologies Amendments and this we are implementing in the projects of our Clients.


PollD, is about to bring political issues to every smartphone user who has an active interest in politics. Designed to educate and allow people to share their thoughts and opinions with others, PollD is a simple yet innovative way of making politics accessible for millions of people from all walks of life.

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Why Track?

Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal change the prices on its millions of products throughout the day. Many of these price changes are based on actions of staying competitive in the market. Amazon has been estimated to alter its prices more than 2.5 million times daily.

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If you’ve ever been stressed out by a situation where you’ve been desperate to send a package in a minimal amount of time without incurring huge costs – and honestly, who of us hasn’t? – then Travoney is the ultimate solution for you.

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Buzzme is a free messaging and video calling app built for smart phones that connects you to friends, family and businesses. You can also make new friends overseas as well as neighbour countries by simply connect and invite them from the Media platform.

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Hotline is a messaging app available for Android and other smartphone users. You can easily message and call friends and family by using the Internet connection. In this modern day world download this app and easily send and receive messages, calls, photos, videos, documents, locations, contacts and audio Messages.

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