iOS, iWatch , iMac, TvOS Apps

We all are aware with the fact that iPhone, iPad, iWatch, Mac products created an entire new class of devices and booming in the market where none existed with comparison to look and the behavior of the devices which providing an excellent level of comfort to its end users and as Steve Jobs said, consumers don’t know what they want, and Apple created products people now can’t live without that weren’t even on their radar before Apple showed them the way.
So we are deploying endless iOS, iWatch, TvOS Apps to our clients not only because of the Demand of Apple Apps but the level of professionalism of Apple Products.

G.A.R Contractors

This app is for Constructing. In This App these are two login, first is User and send is Employee.
In User section, user can create theJob related to there work.
In employee section, employee can see the jobs in different types like (All jobs, Job in Progress, FInalized )

Zoosk Mobile App

Rosa Retail

Maximize your retail sales potential without having to pay
another employee. ROSA streams into your retail store to answer
questions for waiting customers and sets the sale up to hand off

Zoosk Mobile App


If your child’s school is running the iClassCMS platform, be sure to download the iClass app. The iClass app is the ultimate school/parent communication tool. Check all of the latest news and events happening at your child’s school and never miss out on any important message with the notification alerts.

Zoosk Mobile App